Tinfoil hat theory – is the game artificially holding you bacl when youre constantly doing better than before?

I play this game since 2012 with breaks here and there, but in the recent year i've been playing around 15 games a day on avarage and i noticed a weird pattern. Every time i constantly do better than usuall i seem to get weird rng, buttom tier MM and generally bad teams. For example, when i started playing again at the beggining of 2019, my WN8 was around 1000 and my win rate was around 47%. A few months afterwards i got it to 48.5% win rate and about 1500WN8, then suddenly i started getting into +2 games one after the another, well aimed shots constantly went to space and two thirds of my games were lost 15-2. Two weeks afterwards. when my stats dropped significantly, things suddenly changed and went back. Then, after another couple of mounths, i got my win rate to 50% and my WN8 to 2000 and suddenly it happend again. Now im not claiming to be the best player in the world, far from it, but i find it weird that every time i do constantly better my win rate and damage per game drops like crazy for a while. It doesnt make any sense that for about 1000 games or so i constantly did about 2000 damage per game and won 55% of my games and then out of the blue it drops to 1000 and 45% for a few weeks.

Any thoughts?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/gwjgw0/tinfoil_hat_theory_is_the_game_artificially/

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