Tips for a tank collector/Opinion on a lot of different tier Xs

This is gonna be a long one, TL;DR at the bottom.

I have a real love for collecting tanks in this game, and currently I have 36 tier Xs. I know a lot of people have all of them or at least more than that, making me, shall we say, the non-ideal guy to speak about all of the tanks in my garage. I only have 15 k battles though, and love to discuss tanks with other people.

I anticipate all sorts of discounts on free XP and on tanks, and possibly some blueprint specials or any other kind of time-saving events over the holidays, which means great opportunities of adding new tanks to the collection. Under I will list all the tanks I currently have and a short opinion on them, so if any of you are thinking of grinding a new tank I may very well have it and can offer some insight on it. For those of you experienced, just skip ahead to the TL;DR, I probably wont have anything new to tell you.

IS-7: Good old classic, my first tier X heavy. Its a tank that still can punch its weight, but is slightly outdated. As a fast heavy it gets outclassed by other tanks, and as a true heavy the beak design can make it a little tough to work when sidescraping.
OBJ. 277: Was briefly meta before the CW reward tanks. Its really fast, has a great turret but its hull is trash, and its got all its modules at the front so you'll lose your ammorack all the time. The gun, however, is great.
OBJ. 705A: As a superheavy it works fine enough, its very good at sidescraping but the gun is super derpy, and its got a looong reload for its alpha, so its really frustrating to play. Is decent if you want a heavy that can take a pummeling but is also decently fast.
OBJ140/T62A: The old hovermeds, the gods of gun handling, the DPM machines. Both are great, 140 is the stronger due to extra gun depression and better mobility, but the slight edge in accuracy from the T62A means it can hold its own and be a lot of fun.
T-100-LT: Ex-best active scout in the game. Still fun, is fast, has very good armor for an LT, god-like camo and can run without vertstabs as its gun handling is really good, which allows you to boost viewrange more. Probably the best tier X LT overall, apart from the EBR.
OBJ 268V4: Bobject is even more of a bob than before. Its fast and in certain games the armor lets you plow through the enemies, but its gun is pretty tragic nowadays, and due to a limited gun traverse its a little unflexible. Not fun to play IMO.
OBJ 268: My favored USSR TD, its sneaky, it has enough armor to not be autopenned (people at least have to aim a little which is nice) its fast and its gun is crazy good, with awesome pen, damage, DPM and ammoselection. Its even quite accurate.

T110E5: I adore this tank. Its objectively worse than the S.Conq, but its mobility is actually refreshingly good, and with a little luck your armor will work really well, just dont rely on it too much. The gun is also really nice and reliable, and I found it works well playing either in support roles, or alongside meds.
M48 Patton: Has a really good gun with great DPM and gun handling, alongside all the other good stuff from that 105mm thats used by so many tanks. Its armor struggles against all the high pen tanks, but it has a good turret and is really flexible. It does however have really bad accuracy and it is quite slow.
T110E4: Another tank I love. The gun is all about big numbers, so if you can get it aimed at people it can brute force its way through anything. Everyone thinks your armor is shit, so if you use it intelligently you can bait a lot of shots and trade really well with that big gun. Does have a lot of weakpoints, but then again its not built to be the focal point of a firefight, but the supporttank that can take a hit or two.
T57: If you want to feel raw DPM power, this is great. You get an awesome clip potential with a really short reload, so if you can work its bad gun handling youll evaporate tanks in very little time. Also has decent amounts of armor which often can keep you safe while unloading, but dont rely on it too much.
Sheridan: Tier X LTs are pretty sad overall, but this is fun for a few reasons. One, its 105 is one of the best guns mounted on a tier X LT, and its derp can be super fun. Two, its got a whopping 420 view range, so if you max it out youll easily reach 500metres+ without breaking a sweat. Fun, but not very good.
T92: FUCK ARTY. Yeah I have a few artys, and honestly. They are so easy to play, and so gamebreaking, but they can be really relaxing if youre fed up with everything and want to take it out on someone. T92 is held back by a limited gun traverse, but its decently accurate and its gun is all about big numbers. Its really slow tho, which makes relocating a pain in the neck.

Conq. GC: Again, fuck arty, but this is more fun than the t92 IMO, as its has a big gun traverse and it fires its shells high up in the air so you can hit people behind cover. It does have a bad max range however, so it has to be more active in its positioning than other artys.
FV4005: Got slaughtered by the nerfs to it, but it is still gamebreaking when it hits its targets. Only recommended as a meme tank, but oneshotting meds and doing 800 dmg to the thickest armor in the game has its perks. It has no armor and is slow AF, but with some careful plays you can truly rule your games.
S.Conq: Technically better than E5. Its gun is really good, and it has really good armor in places if you can sidescrape or hide your LP, or even go hull down. I feel that is lackluster mobility binds it more to a heavy tank role, which puts it face to face with superheavies. This in turn makes i a lot more reliable on spamming gold, which I hate. I prefer trying to outplay than spamming gold, and with the S.Conq the 2-key is often the best option regardless, something I am sure you have noticed.
Cent AX: Jack of all trades, though kind of powercreeped. It is really fast for its weight and size, and has a nice 105 with decent DPM, accuracy and gun-handling. Also has a decent turret with 10 degrees of gun depression, and some awesome HE rounds. Certainly not bad, but not really that good anymore, sadly.

Kranvagn: If the T57 had more alpha per shot, double the gun depression, and god like turretarmor. Its unmatched on a ridgeline, and its autoloader is so incredibly flexible at putting damage out that you wont believe how fast you stack up damage. Its also quite small, and quick. Its hull is rather bad though, and its gun handling can be a little derpy.
UDES 15/16: Decently mobile, and with a siege mode that gives it awesome gun depression. Its all angles as well, so it is really tough to land solid hits on its turret if the driver makes use of its gun depression. Hits hard with 440 alpha, but lackluster shell velocity and gun handling that tilts more towards bad than good makes it kind of frustrating to play if these things starts showing. With a tiny bit of good RNG you will rock the battlefield.
STRV 103B: King of bush, king of snipe. It has crazy DPM, crazy camo, crazy accuracy, awesome pen and awesome aimtime. Its siegemode can leave it vulnerable, but once you get to grips with the mechanic you can use its awesome stats to lay down fire and build up damage so fast you will be surprised when your score consistently reaches above the 3k mark without much effort.

60TP: Awesome turret and really good gun depression, with some decent hull armor and a big 750 alpha gun makes this really beginner friendly and straght-forward to play. Its really good for holding down a position, and having the big alpha with some heavy tank flexibility you can very quickly stack up damage.

STB-1: It is a wonderful balance between DPM at the cost of alpha, and alpha at the cost of DPM. It hits decently hard for a medium, and has an incredible reload. Its gun handling is decent, and its turret is also quite good. Also has siege mode, and it is actually better than the UDES for one more degree of gun depression, and it can also activate the siege mode and stay in it at higher speeds than the Swede.

Progetto 65: It is a tank that is strangely comfortable to play despite its quirky stats. It combines autoloader punchyness with the gun handling of a normal medium, and the autoreloader means you can take more chancy shots without having to reload a whole clip. If you do run dry it takes a long time to reload, but it can at least fire if it has to. The upper plate is also really good, and it will ricochet a lot of medium caliber fire, especially considering how fast it is.

Leopard 1: Best sniping medium. It has awesome aimtime and accuracy, it hits hard with 420 alpha and has really good pen. Also gets awesome prem shots with really good shell velocity. Its also really fast, which makes it perhaps the best support medium in the game.
E50M: The E50M is quite sad nowadays, but it has a lot of good features. For its speed it has really good armor, and its gun is really good in every way apart from its DPM. Its accuracy is nowhere near good enough to justify its DPM, so making good damage can be tricky, but its a good all-round tank if you can make it work.
Maus: Even under premium fire it can hold its own. Its all about its armor, so if you can find a place in arty cover where you can hide your lower plate and angle your turret the Maus can still be dominant. I average almost 3k damage blocked over my first few games. It is really really slow however, and since it can really outmaneuver anything you do have to fire a lot of gold, or HE if you are really cheap. It is still probably the best superheavy, depending slightly on your definition of a superheavy.
Jagdpanzer E100: If you try to rely on the armor of this thing you will be disappointed. It is all about its gun, which is the most quirky gun I have played with in a long while as it sometimes just decides to miss fully aimed shots at bigass targets, or bounce lights because it just can be bothered to penetrate. If you play it a little carefully and make sure you have cover and support, you can use its armor to keep you alive long enough so that you can take safe shots and rack up damage with 1050 alpha.
Grille 15: My favorite TD. Its fast, its flexible, it has incredible accuracy and aimtime for its alpha. You basically dont need gold in it, as its ability to reposition and snipe at soft targets is unparalleled. While some folks dislike it for its weaknesses (no armor, limited turret traverse and a little low DPM) it really rewards good play and can be one of your most refreshing WOT experiences ever, finally making you believe that accuracy actually matters.

AMX 30 B: This tank taught me how important shell velocity is. On paper it has decent accuracy, good gun handling, and crazy DPM. In reality its gun feels super derpy, and I figure its mostly down to the shell velocity. Trying to make use of the DPM by snapping shots can be so tricky as the shots just dont reach the targets fast enough, and it limits you at long range. It is decently fast hand has enough armor to bounce certain guns, but it has a terrible cupola so it is more of a glass cannon than a well armored med.
AMX 13 105: My most recent pickup, but its gun is decent at making good damage, and coupled with LT camo and mobility you can make some suprise plays and fulfill the assassin role to a surprising extent. Not the best tank for doing damage at all, but perhaps the best LT at doing damage.
Bat. Chat 25t: I feel this tank is powercreeped. It has a big clip with good penetration values, and its also really fast. Its gun is however balanced towards a World of Tanks meta that has been out of date for years. This means that the reload, aim time, unload speed and dispersion values really doesnt cut it for modern WoT, though some people get it to work. I however find it really challenging and frustrating, struggling to get the full potential out of the clip.
EBR 105: Gamebreaking as wheeled tanks are, the 105 is as frustrating to play for a novice as it is to play against. Its is super fast, and it can absord ridiculous amounts of shots into its wheels, as well as hitting shots on the move at such a frequency you will be in disbelief when you play it. It basically makes other LTS redundant, not necessarily by being better than them in every single way, but by using its mobility to make traditional LT spots useless and leaving the other lights trying to outdo it in an active scouting role, which they will struggle to do.
AMX M4 54: This tank has a lot of frontal armor that can make it really fun, but it has no armor at all on the sides which means if you even dare to turn the turret people will start penning you. It can use a shit S.Conq gun, or a slightly more fun 130 mm with 560 alpha, which makes the tank quite different and it can be fun to play at times. Combining the strong frontal armor with the big alpha and the good mobility you can have good games, just dont push the tank too far as it cannot handle pressure too well.
TVP T50/51: The TVP answers the prayers of anyone frustrated with the BatChat. It retains good speed, and trades a low profile for gun depression. Its autoloader trades clip potential and alpha for a really good reload, and a super fast aim-time and decent accuracy. It plays in bursts, unloading shots and being ready to go again 20 seconds later.

WZ 111 5A: The tank I broke the 5 digit damage score with! Its is perhaps the most rounded tank in the game. It is fast, its decently maneuverable for a heavy, its got decent hull armor and a really good turret, good dun depression, good alpha, good dpm, good goddamn everything. I generally prefer tanks that are underdogs, and so tanks like the WZ, S.Conq, or 277 dont appeal to me that much. It is however one of the best tech tree tier tens, and a solid pickup for anyone who wants an allrounder.

That concludes my list! I would love to discuss my views on the tanks if anyone is interested, but the main purpose here is to show which tanks I do have, so that anyone willing can tip me on what I should go for next. Also thought it would be a good opportunity to write my perspective on each tank so anyone looking to pick up any of them could get some feedback from someone who has played the tank they are interested in.

Cheers to you lovely gents and gentleladies, and happy holidays!
TL;DR: I have a lot of tier Xs, want to know if anyone got tips for next grind as I expect some nice grind opportunities over the holidays and am currently looking for the next pickup.


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