Tips for Playing the IS-2M

I've only played a handful of heavies since I started the game, all German since my son was eager for me to unlock his favorite tank – the Tiger I. (He has limited dexterity in his hands and can't effectively use a keyboard/mouse, so he likes to watch me play and be my tank commander to give me orders during the battles.)

Now that he's back in school and spending more time at his mother's house, I've been grinding through a variety of MT, TD and SPGs, but tonight I decided to go through my garage and play something I hadn't played before. When my son "gave" me the game for Father's Day earlier this year, he had purchased a package that had several premium tanks and the IS-2M was one of them. I hadn't even looked at it before this evening and just played my first game with a Russian heavy. Ended up being a win in a quick 15-4 roflstomp against Tier V/VI . I struggled to keep up with my teammates as they pressed through and didn't get a chance to do much other than clean-up duty. Still got almost 2k in damage and a couple of kills, though. Not sure if it was luck, bad opponents or just low-tier ammo, but I took 9 hits with no penetrations, so I was impressed with the armor.

The gun handling seems fairly mediocre and the dispersion is pretty bad compared to the German heavies I'd played in the past, so I'm guessing this tank should be used only as a close range brawler? Does anyone have any good advice for equipment or other tips for this tank? Would it be worth adding a turbo to help me get to the front of the fight? Right now I'm using vents, rammer and rotation mechanism. Rammer seems mandatory, but I'm willing to give up one of the others if it would be more helpful. I also started training the crew with BiA, Deadeye, Clutch Braking and Intuition.

Just realized I'm being too-long winded, so I'll hang up and listen now. Thanks.


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