Tips to get back into the game?

I’ve been playing this game on and off for years now and I’m just getting back into it again for the first time in probably about a year (maybe a little more). I was never amazing at the game, but at my best point I was on my way to getting two marks in my T44, so I wasnt terrible.

Anyways, just wondering if you guys have any tips for getting back to my previous skill level relatively quickly. I’ve been watching some videos from Lemmingrush, as he explains things really well imo and helps me het into the proper mindset.

Also – mini discussion – I had fragments so I got the T-54 (haven’t played it yet, gonna wait until Im a bit better), and I want to know if I should get the upgraded gun first or if the engine/tracks should come first. The 190mm penetration seems horrible (I refuse to play full HEAT btw) so I wanted to get the 219 pen gun first then the engine but idk.


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