TLDR for Test Iteration 2 of Equipment 2.0

Optics for all tiers 2-10 tanks now

Binos for all tiers 2-10 tanks now (excluding clown cars)

Camo net for all tiers 2-10 tanks now (

All tanks have only one 'special'/'niche' slot, based on tank class:

LT: Scouting

MT: Mobility

HT: Survivability

SPG/TD: Firepower

New equipment, Improved Configuration, combines 'Wet Ammo Rack', 'Fill tank with CO2', 'Toolbox' and 'Cyclone Filter' effects. Basically, say goodbye to interior and track module damage. RagingRaptor stated on his channel that this would be so useful for tanks like Chieftain/279e in Random Queue, he would replace vents with this.

Turbocharger banned for wheeled vehicles (no more 100+kph cars)

All the major changes I read (Post your own opinions below):


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