To me the T-103 feels god tier

I bought the t-103 yesterday and played about 25 games and in each one I managed to do 2000-3000 damage and have an overall good impact in each game, I am an average player in heavy tanks but well below average in any other classes so this is amazing for me, I find the reload time of 10 seconds to give me just enough time to consider what to shoot next, the mobility to be perfect for my play style, and I can make the armour work if I don't tunnel vision (even managed to bounce a couple skorpion Gs, I find the aim time, dispersion and she'll velocity awesome as well and have been consistently sniping at mid to long ranges.

Positives of t-103 for me :
-good speed and good track traverse
-amazing pen, gun handling
-nice alpha
-strange trolly armour if i manage to hide it's weak points

-ive found how high up the turret is to be a bonus as I'm able to hide my entire hull behind obstacles that would usually be taller than some tanks entirely and only expose my turret and aim down to hide cupola

-not big enough

Honestly this tank feels like it was made specifically for me, no other tank I've ever played has suited me more

Definitely gonna use a gun rammer in the firepower slot, but what about the other two, vents? Gun laying drive ?

I might be very biased for this tank as my previous favourite was the kv-5 and I feel they are similar in some ways, but what about gun rammer, turbo and spall liner for a troll ramming set up ? 😂


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