Today, 76 years ago, Romania switched sides, speeding the Axis into a much quicker end. Today, I’m here to try and advocate for some representation

Seeing as we have some one off premiums for some other nations like Hungary, and an entire Polish tree, of which 90% never existed, I see no reason we couldn’t have at least a throw in premium for this nation, much more pivotal and involved in the 20th century than Sweden ever was.


  • TACAM R-2 (TD): a tank destroyer produced in very limited numbers similar to the Marder series, IRL equipped with a ZIS, 76mm Soviet gun, plans were made and almost carried out to retrofit the cabin to house either the short 88 or Resita 75mm.

In game, you could either give it The option to equip any of the given weapons, or choose one to fit it into the role. If given just the ZIS, I’d put it at Tier 4, but if given the Resita or 88 only, it would have to slot into Tier 5 as those guns would be a little too strong at T4. Play style very similar to the Marders, but with less camo and more health.

-TACAM T-38 (TD):produced in slightly larger numbers, and more akin to traditional TDs, the TACAM T-38, took soviet light tank chassis and slapped a 76 mm on it.

Just a low tier premium, nothing special here, but a decent TD nonetheless, probably Tier 3.

-TACAM R-1 (TD): a modification of the super light MG equipped R-1 tank to carry a 37mm.

Tier 2 at best, ugly as sin, but hey, it actually, physically existed, so it’s got that going for it.

-Vanatorul R-35 (TD): a French R-35 tank, but The Soviet made 45mm installed in the turret.

You though the R-35 was decent enough? Tada! Give it an actually good gun, knock it up a tier and you have quite possibly a very trolly tank.

-Maresal M-00, M-04, and M-06 (TD): a series of TDs developed solely by Romania, and produced in extremely small numbers before production was halted, these TDs had multiple prototypes, M-00 equipped with a 122 mm howitzer, M-04 with a ZIS 76, and M-06 wi Th the Resita 75.

These could all be the same tank, but you could also split it up and put the M-00 or 04 at T5, and the 06 at T6, the Maresal would have pretty much no armor, (about 40-50 effective at the front), and no health but extremely stealthy, the 75mm Resita is nothing to scoff at, in field tests it penetrated 100mm at 1000m and in practice was able to knock out 3 Panzer IVs in 15 seconds. It’s a behemoth if a 75mm and would probably justify a T6 position.

TAA (TD): deigned but never produced in the 1980s, the TAA had a very interesting turret design and chassis based on the BMP if I’m not mistaken, supposed to be equipped with a 120 or Romanian built specialized 125mm of some variety.

T10, while you may say this is too “modern” We have Swedish tanks that were equipped with laser rangefinders and built in the late 1970s, so a slightly worse tank deigned a few years later is in no way out of the ballpark and could easily be balanced.

Now for some Mediums

-R3 (MT) basically a 38t, but with some minor improvements, T3, maybe T4

-R4 (MT): concept design for a modified Czech T-38 with a 47mm Breda gun, probably T4

-TR-77-580 (MT): a prototype version of the later TR-580 based on the T-55, this model shared most of the characteristics of the T-55 but carried improved suspension and a proposed better engine. T10, probably not even at T9.

And that’s about all I can remember, I know there might be a few more, but I can’t recall them at the moment. This is mostly just a thought experiment on an interesting historical date.


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