TOMC Wargaming banning me

My account got perma banned about a year ago for account sharing (which I never did) and Im trying since then to get my account back.

Here is what happened- about a year ago someone hacked into my google/facebook account, someone close who knew I play world of tanks. the next day around 11- 12 in the morning i tried logging in my wg to launch wot but was unable to do so and after a few hours i realised that my account got hacked.

I was not able to login for creating a ticket as they changed everything from my in game to email so I had to create an alter account to contact support. with the help of my clan I was able to retrieve my changed in game name-King_Panda_

For the next 1-2 days for my ticket to arrive, i tried contacting everyone from discord mods to youtube channels( i knew they cant do much but it was worth a shot). support wanted me to submit proof of my payments and purchases and I attached a shit ton of em cause I was a little whale a few months back

they replied me later that they had my account perma banned as i could not submit enough evidence which i still have no idea how it happed. i tried contacting support a few times later but they closed it. I still visit my profile page in a few months gap and create a ticket to unban me.

Apart from me rage quitting time to time i still love this game and i really want to get back to it asap. Tried starting again in my alter account but i dont have the willpower to grind all over again

you might be wondering why im bitching at wargaming for not unbanning me but I felt like i should get it off my chest. Im hoping that someone knows or been through this and got their account back or help me get my account back.

TLDR- my account got perma banned and Im stupidly but positively hoping that I could get my account back


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