Topography mode feels like yet another missed opportunity.

I messed around with a couple missions and once again it feels like WG had a great idea, and failed to implement it very well. The idea to help new players with things like this is great, don’t get me wrong, but then it feels like they just didn’t go far enough to have it be more concrete help beyond a one time thing most people will either ignore or forget.

The first thing I can’t understand is why they didn’t add things like bonuses depending on finish time or hit points you ended with, accuracy, shots fired, etc, something like that would introduce an incentive for new players replaying those missions to find improvement. It would actually help them to refine strats and learn better ways to fight enemies.
Introduce some harder goals later on instead of only the same idea again and again.

One example is on Prok, a very hard map for newcomers to play. On the 4th mission (I think) you play as a T43 going from south, to hill, to north cap. Near the end it just.. wants you to yolo over the rails into three enemies? It doesn’t give any cover, no advice.. just tells you to drive into three enemies and you’ll win. Why not teach them how to rotate back to mid for a 1000x better position that lets you hulldown and kill them one by one? Is that not better than the former?

I’m sure I could find more examples of this was I play the rest of the missions, this is just my first look. Maybe I’m wrong. Hopefully, otherwise it will feel like some of these missions are pretty counter-intuitive.

I also know that they said more is coming in the future and I hope better things will be introduced, but considering WG.. I dunno. Thoughts?


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