Torn between heavies

Hey everyone!
I'm a relatively new player with 2.8k battles so far. I've been mostly enjoying td's and heavies in the game, and I'm trying to figure out which heavy line to focus on next. Currently I have the IS-3 (and opening both obj 257 and T10 from it), E75, AE phase 1 and T26E5 P. Out of these the E75 is by far my favourite vehicle, with its reliable gun and good armor, and I'm looking for something with the same characteristicts to grind. I've narrowed down the search to the following 3 heavy lines:

  • Kranvagn
  • Super Conqueror
  • Vz 55

I know these are op tier Xs at the moment but I'm more interested in which of the lines are not so painful to grind and I might be able to enjoy before the top tiers? I don't have that much free xp available and I'd need to start around tier IV or V.
Can you give me some advice or share your own experiences? If you think something else could be better I'm open to those too.
Thank you in advance!


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