Tournament Stuff is Pretty P2W

i had a argument with someone who was Basically promoting "weekly Tournaments" For winning Gold if you are F2P

maybe 7 to 10 month's ago i did engaged in Tournaments and basically prepared a "patriot" But "defenders"-"obj.703-II"-"IS3-A" Going Full "Gold" and it was basically a "Gold ammo Fest" to win "1200 gold"

i could win but not before shooting "Hundreds of thousands" in gold ammo… and for "1200 Gold" ?! if i buy that it would be less expensive than participating in "weekly Tournaments"

this Guy claimed i am just a "Noob" which "I am" certainly Not a unicum! and he said i should have Played with "Caernarvon" which is better than premium Tanks ?? and he even Claimed he haven't see any IS3-A in Months or something

i actually asked him "Do you mean IS3-A is banned in Tournaments?" and he answered "No" But Basically "Caernarvon" is Better and Tech tree Tanks are better !! (How?)

so i Got interested in playing more tournaments and i did Played a little at Tier 6 and i made a mistake not looking what the map was Got into a Open map with a Medium tank and a Light tank i Couldn't Spot Killed me shooting Nothing But "Gold" But i corrected For the second Match Got a "M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII" got Full "Gold" and "Food" activated the Booster for "Gun rammer" and for the Next 2 match destroyed the enemy with almost no effort wasting almost 200K credit and the enemy did nothing But shooting Gold back at me

you can say you are a "Gold Noob" But the enemy did exactly the same thing " everyone shooting Gold at each other "

that was enough For me and i just did quite the tournament By not participating in the rest of the match because i didn't Want to spend "ungodly" amount of Credit Just to win "1200 Gold" and if i buy the Gold that would Cost me a lot Less than the money i am spending to win Tournaments

my question is at "Tier 8" i need to know by what metric "Caernarvon" can defeat a "obj.703 II"??

is this Guy "Bull shiting" me ??


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