Toxicity racism and extremism in wot general chat needs to end, how does a billion dollar company not have payed moderators when every tiny twitch stream needs to moderate their chat!

How does a billion dollar company who prints money with pixel tanks allowed to get away with this for so long, isnt this illegal, arent companies supposed to moderate their public chatrooms and take responsibility for their chatrooms.

From all the anti polish racism, curse words, diseases, insults to now promoting extremism and laughing at deceaced victims of stabbing attacks. Its gone to far and wargaming solely is responsible for letting it get to this point

Any new player who joins general chat and reads it for 60 seconds would realize how little of a shit this company cares about its game, its playerbase and its chat and image, it hurts the game, players and people and i think it is time it stops right now and wargaming needs to take responsability for it. Who in their right mind would want to promote or still play this game with such a general chat … Despicable

wargaming, take responsability before the law does it for you! Its disgracefull and as a player even being associating with this filth is shamefull.

If u dont want to pay for moderators, then remove general chat, nothing is better then this cespool u left the players with right now, the fact they dont even realize how this scares away new players is beyond my comprehension.


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