Transition to Grille 15

I'm currently playing Waffenträger Auf Panzer IV and I'm getting pretty close to researching Grille 15. If I buy it, it will be my second tier X tank. The first one was Stridsvagn 103B.

While Strv. 103B is just an upgrade from its predecessor, Grille 15 shares much less similarities with Wt. Auf Pz. IV, so I assume the transition will be different for me this time.

But here's my problem: I think Grille 15 is very underpowered. Compared to Wt. Auf Pz. IV, it's got lower penetration tier for tier, much worse camo and while DPM is manageable, it's still bad compared to that of Waffenträger (with 128mm gun). Also it doesn't have a fully rotational turret. The only redeeming qualities Grille 15 seems to have are Accuracy and Mobility (Tell me if I missed something).

After comparing all the stats and seeing how people criticize this tank destroyer for what it is, I'm starting to doubt it's worth the grind.

Anyone care to change my mind?


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