tried new FL and…

  • if you tryhard in an OP tier 8, it's generally the same experience as always, basically easy mode with lots of credits
  • At times, the tier 9 thing seems to degenerate into complete cancer with massive numbers of camping tier 9 superheavy TDs (tortoise, T95, jagtiger, etc) sitting beyond view range and spamming arty strikes to blunt any real push. Once this scenario shows up, it's almost impossible to break with the typical team. This is much more annoying than anything I expected with concept 1bs and char futurs running around.
  • the tactical reserves system seemed like an improvement at first but in practice it means constant arty strikes and recon flights as people rank up, regardless of vehicle type. In the past (not counting the early season where light tanks got 3 slots, jesus fucking christ) most of the fast vehicles had only one reserve slot or they'd be running inspire/engineering- now you're guaranteed that EVERYONE has arty strikes, which is lots of fun.


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