TVP 50/51 setup idea

Large post ahead!Guys I have been running this setup with TVP 50/51 and field mods.


Bounty Improved aiming, Bond vents, Bond V.Stabs

Field mods:

II: Light-Alloy Mounting Points

III: Improved Sight

V: Anti-Reflective Headlights Coating

VII: New Aiming Gears

But it is possible to make it competitive this way instead?


Bounty Improved rotation mechanism, Bond vents

Field mods (with some changes)

II: Module Durability Increase (if you do this, your tank rotates both by hull/turret 4% slower, but with bounty IRM, they would "counter" and you would get -15% to dispersion values and -11% to rotation speed, therefore you would gain 4% better dispersion values)

III: Improved Sight (nothing changes)

V: Anti-Reflective Headlights Coating (nothing changes)

VII: Breech Tweaking (You would reload 5% faster and the 15% extra bloom between shots would be "countered" by bounty IRM

Thoughts on this build?


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