Two suggestions for World of Tanks

I'd like to suggest adding two features to Tanks from World of Warships. I understand they're not the same game, company, devs, but I've found these features of Warships really helpful and would think they would make great additions to Tanks.

  1. An actual training room. Wows has it, and it's great for learning new ships, armor profiles, helping new captains find good map positions, and group training. I think this would be so helpful every time I get a new tank to be able to practice against bots, or at least free roam maps to learn good positions etc. I know their is a group training room currently, and maybe I missed it, but you can't enter solo or against bots for training?
  2. When a Sheriff account is in a match, it should be announced in all chat. I shouldn't have to look for an icon next to a players name. This feature is in Wows, and it makes things so simple. "There's a new sheriff in town…Bob in the Type 5 Heavy is a sheriff, destroy him for 250 gold. Team killing not allowed." You can have the wording for free…


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