Type 4 Heavy and Type 5 Heavy players – Please help me understand why I started this line.

I completely unlocked the American, Soviet and almost the German Line. I decided to up the ante by getting my Japanese Tiger Tank crew a new purpose; a grind for the Type 5 Heavy tank.

I am now at the Type 4 Heavy tank and I just unlocked the Derp gun. Why does a tanks so extremely big have such a long reload for such a shit gun with such shit pen? The stock gun was already a horror scene.

Let me tell you how it goes: 1) I am always last everywhere. 2) I am an inconvience when sidescraping to my allies and myself. 3) I cannot pen 90% of my direct targets due to them being (super) heavies as well. 4) I can only damage them for 100-200~ damage every 20 seconds. 5) I can be penned pretty easily due to the sheer amount of credits / gold everyone has for premium rounds.

Honestly I haven't had a single game where I thought I made a difference or where the Type 4 stood out. I haven't even mentioned arty yet, but you understand that the lackluster speed and impact is not compensated by any wow element.

Some questions. Does Wargaming have a purpose with this line in the future. I remember the E100 and IS4 getting buffed although it took ages. Please help me out cause I feel I am wasting my complete time with this tank that really just makes me a liability for my team.

PS: I know there's a top gun, but I thought this tank was all about the derp?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ky2k1b/type_4_heavy_and_type_5_heavy_players_please_help/

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