Type tanks and classifications, A guide : Long

now, a common error in this game is the fact that there are four tank classes, while true it isnt exactly what you should believe..

for notice i will use a vast majority of words that are not common, my apologies

people think there are 4 classes

– heavy

– tank destroyer

– light

– medium

each category has many subclasses, they go as follows, with guides

————–heavy class————–

heaviums (example, T95E6) – a lightly amoured, fast heavy, generally with good ufp and turret amour, but bad side amour and generally a cupola,

how to play – unlike other heavies avoid direct fire, not frontline like pure blood heavies, but stay on the front line, this can be done by making small pushes, capturing bases and providing crossfire and support to either the heavies or mediums

how to destroy – depending on what you are driving, if you have a large calibre size and high dmg per shot, try to get behind or sideon, your he will reduce them quickly, but if not shoot them from a slight distance and wait for backup to swarm or destroy, easy to pick on if they are weakly amoured

what not to do – when versing or driving, never get into a larrge open space with a lot of cover, they will become your bain when you have crossfire,

gatling/burst (example, Cernaevron) – the damage dealers, unlike heaviums they are generally slower but have either great RoF or high damage per shot/mag and work great as a wonder weapon, but unless fully loaded can be a liability with slow speed and moderate amour

how to play – try catch an unsuspecting enemy, another burst tank or something weak, generally bu surprise, your dpm will either perma track or destroy them before they can to you, always aim for the weak spots and try flank and kill

how to destroy – unless you are a damage master, avoid head on and try get them when they are swarmed or cannot fire back, their turret amour will generally be great but are weak on the sides/back

what not to do – get into a tight spot ot into a hull down sport with one of them (if you are the G/B try to get into these places) they will out gun you and out amour you in a matter of seconds

dreadnought/superheavy (example, the Maus) – the most armoured tanks, heavy, slow and with a huge slab of hitpoints, a moving bunker, basically the bullet sponge of the team

how to play – press forward and only stop when you absolutely have to. do not avoid fire, the more damage you take the more likely your teammates are to survive, keep the enemies guns on you. the super heavy is the spear head of the attack and may have a bad gun, will outlast anything 1v1, and can survive everything if the team is backing you up and flanking the enemy

how to destroy – unless your in a TD, never encounter head on. never. only encounter side on if you have good pen, or use gold ammo, but otherwide spot them and let the td's to the real work, try to flank them and get their rear, their turret wont turn fast enough and they have weak(ish) rears

what not to do – never go alone or camp, generally for all heavy class you never want to camp but super heavies can only win if they play frontline with support.

all rounder – general class (example, kv-1s) – basically the heavily armoured tank, there isnt anything special about this class but they are slower, good amour with a ok gun, and ok speed

"jack of all trades, master of none, still better than master of one"

how to play – act frontline, use your amour to your advantage and drive forward, avoid concentrated fire and try keep up with the mediums, use your good speed and better mobility to destroy your opponents

how to destroy – avoid head ons, rush them and try either face hug them where they cannot pen you, or flank them where they cant fight back, if your are significantly weaker (ex. T-25 vs IS) try only assist your team and avoid fire, only attack when they are on reload

what not to do – rush by yourself, overangle or push heavily armoured tanks, and bigger guns, try push those of equal level or less.

the 150 – frontline derp class (example, KV-2 or E-100 with 15cm KwK) – the class of memes for the heavy, why play strategically when you can play as a td?

what to do – follow the heavies as a second front line td, and provide fire support to your team mates, only go into direct fire when you are loaded, and unleash hell upon the tds when they are on reload, get rid of high hp targets.

how to destroy – after they fire, rush in hordes, their weaker teammates could not survive a push, and they are also weak against tds, lights and mediums with slow turret traverse and high dispersion.

what not to do – camp, thats the job of the Real Tds, its your job to push up and provide fire support to the heavies, not sit back, also never go alone, with a long reload you are a sitting duck to G/B and heaviums

Overall for heavies, use your amour and dpm, use cover and avoid tds, try secure major places and continue foward, and never, never camp. be the health of the team and push forward and keep the big guns on you, not the light/meds


MTB – general class (example, T-62A) – the heavily armoured medium, not the fastest or the slowest, good dpm and good speed, basically the all rounder of the mediums,

how to play – try secure the flanks and use depression for good hulldown positions and maintain fire on all tanks give spotting for tanks and lead the second flank (heavies go one way, mediums go the other)

how to destroy – avoid. unless you have backup, or are able enough to verse them (eg high dpm or rof [gatler]) you should spot them and leave them for your more able bodied tanks, (ex. Is-7 vs t-62A) the tanks should only be versed in more open fields if you have good turret traverse, but if not try verse them in close quarters.

what not to do – never fight a td that has backup, or a heavium – G/B this could lead to your destruction, likewise only fight if you are certain you can win or if you have a 5v1 scenario.

aggressive scout (example: leopard 1) – these mediums are light. mobile with good spotting distance, but arnt to fast, they are the light tank with *slightly* better armour and gun stats, as well as slightly less speed

how to play – avoid direct fire and use ridgelines and bushes to spot enemies, act as a second line support and dont try to get kills, (no kill stealing) try push certain places that could provide line of sight fire as well as put pressure on the enemy

how to kill – rush them and get them into a tight spot, their lack of great mobility and moderate gun wont do much damage to a more dangerous opponent (T110E5 vs leopard prototype A) try HE them as their weaker armour will be to light to survive large calibres

what not to do – rush, one of the few vehicles that should avoid rushing like a maus would, instead stay out of fire and push areas where you can spot, but never camp.

spearhead (example, E 50m) – these tanks are the most armoured and heavy mediums, generally with good armour, an ok gun and meh mobility, but with their amour should push (and ram!) weaker tanks and cause the attack of the enemy to become disjointed enough for your tds to pick them off

how to play – keep pushing forward, try continue fire on the weaker targets and damage the more heavily armoured tanks, much like the super heavy keep the larger guns away from the more weak

how to destroy – lock their tracks down when they cant use their armour, and. destroy their support, much like everything else on this list, it wont survive without support.

what not to do – go into an enclosed spaced with the enemies guns aimed at you, that is a sure way to die.

overall for mediums, you should use your ok armour and turret armour against heavies/lights, push flanks and provide covering fire for your lights and heavies, ultimately being the frontline leader of the team


boom-zoom (example, T49) – when you stick a heavy/td gun on a light, the fast, long reload, low accuracy assist tank, used for supporting meds and lights on the flank

how to play – avoid the frontline and the ridges where tds will be aiming, and try flank tds as well as the mediums, open up areas for your tds by clearing lights and tanks that are in your way

how to destroy – after they fire, rush them or track them where they can get shot by a td/high alpha tank, use their weak armour to you advantage, tip: if your gun is aimed at where they are going to drive to, they wont poke out, which means your team does not have to worry about this mobile td.

what not to do – if you are the B/Z dont ever go into close quarters unless you can basically one shot them (T49 vs St.Emil) and if your versing one dont ever go into the open where you can get death circled.

The eyes/ultra lights (example, RU 251) – extremely lightly armoured, fast and mobile, weak gun with high vision range, the eyes of the team, but also the achilles heel, on the PC version the subclass also exists, with much better mobility and speed but less turning angles

how to play – try to get into a valuable spot and spot mediums and heavies that are progressing across the battlefield, so that your tds can get a good shot off on them

how to destroy, rush them, as their weaker turrets/frontal armour is able to be penned with HE, if you manage to get them into a corner you can take the critical posistion where they were, and thus turn the tide of the battle

what not to do- if your in one never drive into a enclosed space, this will get you killed no matter how powerful you are, try stick in the open

the ultimatum (example, M41 90 bulldog) – the heavy of the lights, the most armoured (can still be HEd) with the best gun, but less mobility and view range, when your ultralights get into position your are one step behind them, ready to change how your team sees the enemy

how to play – only go to the medium/light flank, change the outcome of the battle by leading your team through the stalemate into a winning position, give your lighter armed tanks better protection

how to kill – destroy the tracks and focus them, if their is for example a amx 13 75 and a m41, aim for the m41, you will do more damage easier, allowing you to push the hill/contested location for the rest of the team

what not to do – when driving one, never try go one on one or go in a cramped space, you will get stuck easily and the enemy will pick you out easily, when against one never follow them, they should have backup

overall for lights, you want to be the eyes, stay moving and never camp, spot high value targets and help destroy what your teammates hunt down, never enter the pure fray and maintain crossfire while push the enemies rear

————-Tank Destroyers—————

DAKKA – (example, AT-15) – the weakest Dmg per shot, but the highest RoF, high frontal armour, no side armour or rear armour, basically a heavy except it can only fire forward.

how to play – no matter the tank (as long as you can pen it) can be destroyed, just drive up to it and hold it down by shooting through the track to both lock them down and destroy them, once they have repaired do it again, as they will not be stuck permanently in your line of fire, as well as your team mates, making it easy to pick apart

how to destroy – when you see one concentrating an enemy, attack them from behind, with their horrible mobility pick them apart when they cant fight back

what not to do – camp in a place where you can easily be flanked, or go solo, as without tanks behind you, your basically free damage to grind

the glass cannon (example, Grille 15) – good gun **(**high pen, low dispersion and good accuracy sometimes high alpha), ok mobility (great compared to other tds) generally light with no armour. they are the truest camper off the game, hiding behind the front line and providing health deleting shots.

how to play – find a good camping spot and try early on to remove larger tanks are the more mobile ones, focusing on what your team cant, staying in a low spot area and change location if an enemy starts shooting at you.

how to play – risky edition – only do this if you know what your doing, wasting your hp and your potential is a horrible thing to do – yo play risky, youll push the flank with lights and mediums, or an unoccupied flank (you know there are no tanks there) and provide crossfire creating a danger trap for the enemy.

how to destroy – at the start, fire He or AP into a bush where the might be, this will lower their health, tif you can try destroy them quick as they are extremely damaging, and can wreck a team in a matter of minutes,

what not to do – if your unskilled, push alone or with the lights, this is a waste of your hp, if your a meh player try stick with the armour or up the back,

Devastator – (example, Jg.Pz.E100 or Fv215B 183) the Hp deleter, strongly armoured, slow with damage that will make people cry.

how to play – get into a good position, any really, just not line of fire, aim at the enemy (its really simple) and click "fire!" and watch their hp disappear… except its not that easy, thats how you will lose credits, you want to get into a stealthy position, preferably a bush line or a camping position, where you cant get shot from, and fire at the helpless tanks that wander into your view, maintain good peripherals as to not get flanked. as soon as the flank is clear push up to get the sides/rear of the more helpless heavies, and while they are focused on the easier kill, deliver that one tap.

how to destroy – unless your in one, avoid their front, their one of few tanks that can kill you in seconds. try knock out their tracks and death circle them, their weaker rear will be easily penned making them easily destroyed, also rush them in pairs or threes, they have long reloads and high dispersion, easy to pick off.

what not to do – when in one never go into an open area with no cover, your weak armour and tracks will make you an easy target, when versing one, push up thinking you can survive, you might but while your distracted you could get picked off easily.

overall for TDS you want to remain out of the fray, as your lack of turret is easily abused by lights and meds and your high damage can only work on unsuspecting enemies or weaker ones, dont stay camping 100% of the time, you will lose, push up when needed and dont stay put

well that concluded my ted talk, there is only one other suggestion; if you push an enemy into fire you should uninstall the game. also no artillery guide, never played them :/

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