Ultimate guide to Last Wafentrager event

So after completing event I have some experience how to be more effective on both sides so if you struggle I hope you will find help here

  1. Maps

From my experience map you play on may greatly influence result of battle. Personally I think that Studzianki is much better for wtf, fisherman's bay for t55 and redshire is something in between. Of course quality of players is another factor but map is important.

Another think that you should know is wtf spawn location on each map to avoid early deaths. Redshire – river next to red line in southern part. Studzianki – hill on the north. Fisherman's bay – middle of city.

Note that all maps have small alterations to their random queue counterparts

  1. Tips for WTF

Don't be afraid to engage. Your task is to put up as high pressure as possible from the very beginning when t55 are weak. You shouldn't be afraid of loosing some hit points because t55 won't be able to engage you effectively before tier 7-8.

Always try to stay near your bots. Don't run after players to dead zone. You have to protect your minions and as a bonus your guarantee to find enemy near them. Also by staying near your tanks you are stalling the game which plays in your hand.

Spam your abilities. They have short recharge time and give you huge advantage in combat. NOTE ( your secondary energetic shell works like HE round, remember that when there is wall in between you and your opponent )

Always keep your eyes on your kill count. It gives you rough info about enemy tanks left. Kills done by guardians doesn't count however it still is great tool to determine how well battle is going.

At the begging always head to nearest minions of yours to find your opponents

  1. Tips for T55

Avoid fighting with WTF. It's very important especially at the beginning. Your task is to kill bots to level you up.

You are ready to take down WTF only after getting at least 8 energy balls. If you have to choose always shoot minions first.

Ram light opponents at the begging. It saves you a lot of time which is precious for you. Also don't ram heavier opponents since it's obviously not worth it

Try to track minions. Locking them down helps a lot taking them down. Also when you are tracking by shooting at rear side of track you are likely to set minion on fire and get a lot of important for you damage and doped up killing. Note that minions have much higher likelihood to be set on fire then they standard counterparts.

Manage your tanks and hp. It's very important in order to win. Note that every orb heal you by 200 points. Average dmg from wtf is 700. Always keep that in mind.

This one may be obvious but try to not get killed. It stalls the game and your team have 1 less player for 30-60 seconds which can be critical. Of course when you die you also can not do dmg which is needed for missions.

Get minions killed as fast as possible and try to attack them in group. This is very important as you don't have much time and you have to act fast.

Don't use your repair kits (90 sec cd) and med kits (180! sec cd) if you really really don't have to. Cool down here is very punishing as you play against time. Remember that med kit can heal you from stun but sometimes it's not worth it. Note that electrical orb don't heal crew members or repair damaged modules.

  1. General gameplay info

WTF – 700 dmg per shot, 12,5 sec clip reload, 5 sec inter-clip reload, 4 shells in clip. Very accurate and good stabilization, very good pen but not good enough for t55 turret. Mediocre speed. 32 k hp + electrical shields with unknown to me resistance. Around 450m view range

T55 – 50-550 dmg per shot (+50 per orb), I don't remember penetration xD but always good enough to get through weak points of encountered enemies. 4,7 sec reload. Very fast especially with turbo, use that to your advantage. Rather poor accuracy, stabilization and aim time. 1k hp * 3. Total of 21k hp per team. Around 400m view range

Orbs – heals t55 by 200hp and extend battle by 30 sec (6 minutes at the beginning)

Minions spawns are always the same but can occur in random order. WTF and T55 spawns are always the same. T55 spawns in two groups of 3 and 4

Bots are passive and can be aggressive only if they spot someone but have rather poor viewrange. Can be easy set on fire but can not explode. They have decreased damage.

  1. Loot boxes

Of course everyone wants to get 3k bonds as fast as possible. In order to do that I highly recommend re-openning boxes to get collection part of you don't have problem with credits. Especially you want to do that with engineer's lootboxes as they are limited in terms of obtaining. Chance of getting collection part is quite high tho so you shouldn't have problems.

  1. Ending

In my opinion this is one of better events in terms of gameplay (however I would do a little rebalance). Hope you liked guide and found it useful. If you have anything to add or you found a mistake feel free to write that in comments. Stay safe and good luck

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/j2awba/ultimate_guide_to_last_wafentrager_event/

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