Unpopular opinion: I like Wot Battle pass system. Best out of all games I played so far.

I came back to Wot after 4-5 years break about a month ago. So this is my first Wot Season. So I like it for a good few reasons compared to others games:

It let's me make progress at my own pase and not being dependent on daily weekly missions. Its a lot more relaxed experience a specially when you have full time job and a family. I was able to reach 45 tonight, and I was not feeling guilty by skipping days, when I did not felt like playing or was too busy.

Pretty much all rewards are actually useful. Most games have tons of fillers, that nobody cares about. At least here almost every tier has something I will use.

Even if you free to play, you are not penalised for not buying battle pass. Some games give extra missions to make progression easier if you buy improved pass. On top of that all 45 tiers have decent rewards for F2P players too. I personally reached tier 45 and then bought Pass. Just wanted nice big pay off in the end.

Most importantly the way you progress in tiers – play the game like you usually play the damn game! I love it. I really hate that in some games they put very specific and stupid task/missions to complete, that usually force you to do something stupid. So when those missions up ( usually weekly ones ), you force yourself to get them out of your way, by rushing them, and then you can finally play the damn game.

Limit on how much points you can earn with one tank. It actually forced me out of my comfort zone and play other tanks.

All in all, I think its best Battle pass system, pretty sure someone will come in and tell me about some other game that do it better, to which I will say fair enough. I can only judge it on games I played or at least checked. For now I have an issue: do I use blueprints to get e5 or IS-4 or just get that russian double barrel bastard as it looks fun hehe. It will be only my third tier 10 tank.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/japer9/unpopular_opinion_i_like_wot_battle_pass_system/

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