Unpopular opinion: I (quite) like Steel Hunter mode

I get that a lot of people here dislike SH mode. Normally I am aboard WoT Reddit's collective bandwagon on a lot of issues (arty, game balance to name a few). But this time I find myself on the other side. Thought, that maybe some of you will like to hear different perspective

As title says, I find SH mode quite enjoyable. For me it is a nice getaway from repetitiveness of random games and from constant barrage of arties game in and game out (I see you, Frontline). Also, it is nice for a change not to worry about your WR (yeah, I tend to get too competitive at times). Past few months I felt burnt out and barely played, but this week I gladly join in to compete in SH.

Aditionally, I like the aesthetic side of the mode. As I love dystopian type Sci-Fi, tanks and maps in this mode give goosebumps.

Speaking about the grind, I was kind of bummed out a bit when I saw that WG nerfed the missions, but I can live with that. In first few days I reached top5 multiple times, so now I know that I only need accomplish daily missions. Having that in mind I relax and enjoy damage farming without a burden of having to think about rankings. I often make irrational, but fun plays instead of playing safe, analyzing the map and overthinking things. It gives me joy I haven't had in WoT for months or even years.

However, once I reach my daily limit of mission points, I do not play as it is simply not worth it. Meanwhile Frontline offers that sweet sweet opportunity to earn shitload of credits.

That is my two cents on the topic.

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