Unpopular opinion maybe but arty should turn blue for even the slightest team stun or team damage.

sooo what makes me think that way ? well first of all no class is that easy to play…and that easy to avoid shooting your own.

a heavy in a brawl….i can understand hitting his teammate by accident but an arty that has full eagly eye view and no stress has no excuse for even the slightest teamdamage.

[slight rant incoming] just had a game in my sheridan vs a fucking good ebr driver …he dominated my team, even though he was spotted most of the time noone would hit him.

i get spotted by his insane viewrange(the tier x doesnt have abysmal viewrange as the rest) and lost most of my hitpoints early, spotting aggressively against the ebr would have been my death sentence (3 arties would end me even if the ebr wouldnt) so i tried to support the heavies by only engaging the enemy tanks whenever the enemy arty was reloading which worked fine and i was doing 1,3k damage but i wasnt really spotting anymore.

now comes along the friendly arty with its simple mind seeing that low health sheridan not yolo scouting into his death…he decides to punish me for my heresy presses T directly on me.

i started sprinting towards him in a last effort to dodge his shell and behold he narrowly misses me, but he doesnt turn blue, the class that has an easy time avoiding friendly fire gets the least penalty for it…

so ofcourse i knew 3 shots till i get banned for an hour/ vs getting killed by my own arty for not yoloscouting with him doesnt even becoming blue.

so i picked my right to defend myself and killed that shit while he reloaded( still aiming at me, so he wasnt gonna shoot the other actual targets(like a grille!) that were lit at and took my ban.

/end of the rant

it cant be that those players have the easiest class ingame and can even frustrate their own teammates to the point where said teammates need to teamkill in defense to not get killed by their own arty.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/bvvpsj/unpopular_opinion_maybe_but_arty_should_turn_blue/

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