Unpopular opinion/rant

this might be slightly longer that usual… read it or not ¯_()_/¯

bear in mind I'm still new to the game (2.5k pc /5k mobile battles)

  1. Armor: ngl I find armor to be mostly useless in the game. especially tanks with half ass armor like the e50m, 121, action shit etc… tanks like these are crap because their "armor" is one of the traits of the holy tank trinity (armor, firepower, and speed/maneuverability) and because of that they suffer in speed or fire power. but the armor never works anyways and so they suffer for no gain whatsoever. but these tanks are meds so it makes sense that their armor is weaker right? yeah i guess but whatever. Heavies also suffer from this shit. Tanks like the e100, is4, and t110e5 (heaviums don't count) also have negligible armor since most people fire prem or they aim at the pretty large and obvious weak spots. FINALLY GETTING TO MY POINT: tanks like the donq, chieftain, and 430u are how weegee SHOULD be making armored tanks (IMO). They become completely impenetrable in certain situations ie hull down or sidescraping but they are not entirely invincible out of their element ie when they get flanked LFP, sides and rear are super easy to pen. they can also be countered by arty or high alpha guns firing HE) which brings me to my next point
  2. Arty: arty is fine… the stun mechanic is okay (GASP) and i think they are perfectly balanced in terms of damage dealt per hit considering their reload and the fact that you can't hit them back (GASSSSPPPPP) HOWEVER THREE FUCKING ARTY IN A GAME IS TOO FUCKING MUCH. FUCK YOU WEEGEE, YOU FUCKING CUCK FUCKERS… limit it to one or two plz 🙂
  3. Gold rounds: This is my rant. I can't stand seeing other people on this sub bitching and whining about how they are forced to fire gold rounds in the current meta… whatever the fuck that means. I've never had to fire prem in my life and you don't either with these simple steps:
    1. disable auto aim
    2. move the reticle away from the upper front plate of the tank
    3. aim at the weak spots
    4. if you are still unable to pen: stop shooting at the japanese superheavy 2 tiers above you and look for an easier to pen target
    5. if none available: tracking shots!!! hint: if you shoot prem and manage to pen the jap superheavy in your stock t44 congrats you've done 180 dmg. but did you know if you perma track the little shit your team can wipe their asses with his 2.9k health and you get all that sweet assistance.

anyways that's that… you can try argue with me in the comments but i can't change ur opinion and you can't change mine. ¯_()_/¯

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