US Central Server Unbelievable Ping Issues

Ping issues on the US Central server have been getting worse and worse every update since 1.6. Went from every 30-40 battles to every single battle. It's not a problem with my internet; I've tried it on three different networks, and I've tried it in two different states on the West Coast and East Coast, and yet I still get crazy ping spikes from 300 to 999+ at least twice an average length battle. Makes it impossible to play at all. DM me if you want a replay showcasing the ping issues, I'll link it to you.

I know of others who also have these crazy ping issues as well. Feel free to share your experiences with this problem if you've ever encountered it.

EDIT: I don't get these ping issues on the South American server. My ping is 2x to 4x higher there than on the US Central server, from 100-200, but I do not get ping spikes while playing on it. The only problem is the fact that low to mid tiers have "approved bots" in them, which are just boring to play against.


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