VK 75.01 Premium tank release == A big slap to me, a Mauerbrecher buyer, and the rest of us.

In case of anyone saying I being salty, yes I am. But I have to voice out even though its obvious.

1. Instead of fixing Mauerbrecher, making it more fun to play, WG you chose to do this to us.
2. 490 damage on VK 75.01, literally killing the only redeeming point of VK168.01 having 440 alpha damage.
3. You gave VK168 the 168 tons, but never adjust the Armor/mobility balance properly. now you've done this to us, by giving us a very BIG insulting SLAP on our choice to purchase Mauerbrecher.
4. And now WG you are selling VK 75.01 way cheaper than Mauerbrecher?

5. There is only 2 choice on saving those customers you killed via Mauerbrecher: EITHER

– Give Mauerbrecher mobility AND speed of 30-35km/h heavies, while keeping all the weakspots, making it a good "wallbreaker" (30-35kmh is not really fast & not OP for a vehicle can be flanked and full of weakspots)
Or else eliminate 75% of the obvious weakspots & give the LOWE's gun to Mauerbrecher. (adjust it accordingly)

Currently Mauerbrecher is nothing but the worst tier 8 premium heavy tank in history. AND ITS NOT FUN TO DRIVE.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ctk92y/vk_7501_premium_tank_release_a_big_slap_to_me_a/

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