VK168.01, Dire Suggestion to improve this massive HP PINATA (I PAID 86 dollars & yes I am salty)

WG if you want to gain back confidence from premium tanks buyers which you killed via VK75.01 POWERCREEPING, ITS EASY:(after all its about sales profit right???)

Mauerbrecher's GOOD: Impressive BERLIN CAMO(give us back that bicycle), engine power and TONNAGE, decent alpha gun(Derpy accuracy)

Mauerbrecher's BAD: 5 weakspots makes armor useless, 20 KMH is making the weakspots worse, worst survivability, and NO FUN to DRIVE IT

WHAT WG WANTS: SALES PROFIT, assumes MARATHON REWARD TANKS should not be performing the same as other equivalent premium tanks

WHAT Mauerbrecher BUYERS WANT: they want to have fun with their purchased tank (I PAID 87 DOLLARS for ULTIMATE BUNDLE)

WHY & WHEN: Current Deployment status on RU: 15th-29th April 2018, VK 168.01 marathon event (14 days)


We can make this VK 168.01 BALANCED similar to Caern Action X

Current Constraint: WG cannot simply eliminate WEAKSPOTS, imagine a sudden influx of "VK 100.01" in RU server (Reward tanks population is no joke)

WHAT WG CAN DO: IMPROVE/REMAKE VK 168.01 the way of Caernarvon Action X

– Change VK168.01 gun to 300 alpha damage or lesser, but better accuracy (turret/moving dispersion)

– Improve VK168.01 Commander Cupola to be the same as VK100.01 (220mm effective armor)

– Improve VK168.01 Top/Reverse speed to 35/15

– Improve VK168.01 turret/hull traverse to be the same as VK75.01

Result: WIN-WIN

– It is FUN to DRIVE

– VK168.01 other weakspots functions as it is

– VK168.01 cupola still possible to get PENNED like VK100.01

– VK168.01 new alpha damage will be controlled carefully like Caernarvon Action X

– More sales profit for WG

– Its fair for VK168.01/Mauerbrecher buyers

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/cumkis/vk16801_dire_suggestion_to_improve_this_massive/

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