VZ 55 first look is pretty underwhelming

Am I the only one pretty disappointed with how thie new cz T10 heavy is looking so far?
It's hard to tell how good it will be without seeing the gun dispersion values as well as terrain resistances but I honestly hoped they would introduce something else than another heavy-medium hybrid with a strong turret. We already have so many of them in the game (277, 5a, 260, chief, 430u I guess, …) and sure this one has an autoloader but apart from that it seems to be pretty much the wz5a gun without all the DPM and HEAT pen. Why not go for something new, like let's say a 50b that is not as chunky but only has 2x 490 alpha. It could have had crazy burst potential with like 2sec intraclip reload but bad shell velocity so you can't snipe, then we might have had a close to mid range assassin which is something we don't really have in the game so far.

I just don't really feel hyped about a tank that's pretty much another obj 277 except with now a 2 shot magazine.
At least it looks nice i guess.

What do you guys think?

Edit: also that cupula looks like a big pain in the ass

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/n25p8m/vz_55_first_look_is_pretty_underwhelming/

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