Want to keep enjoying the game? Don’t play on weekends.

I've recently been playing Dota 2 during weekends so I only touched WoT at nights on weekdays. I was enjoying a ~60% winrate and very good games. Today, I wasn't that busy so I decided to play again and the gameplay difference is night and day.

On weekends, it feels like a lot of the wallet warriors come out to play. Tier 7-8 battles are >50% premium tanks with my team and the enemy team being filled with the likes of E25s, Bourrasques, Progetto 46s, Skoda T56s, 703 IIs, and more. While there are also tanks like these during the weekdays, the amount of these high burst and extremely strong (compared to tech tree tanks at least) make games on weekend end VERY FAST.

I saw a flank collapse in 30 seconds because a Skoda T56, an EMIL 1951, and a Bourrasque just rush and burst every tank 3 seconds as soon as they meet them. I played against a team with 3 Bourrasques where our HTs got helplessly shredded as soon as we lost our LTs. I had a 0 damage game because my HT was too slow to reach the front lines before my team full of speedy mediums 15-0'ed the enemies.

I now sit at 30% in today's session. Although these game balance issues have always been there, the bad state of the game is amplified during the weekends. The amount of clueless players who only play on weekends also contribute to these horrible, unenjoyable games so if you want to actually enjoy this game, best to stay away during weekends.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/q4inqy/want_to_keep_enjoying_the_game_dont_play_on/

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