Wanting to suggest a historic vehicle

So I don't know how to go about it, but I'd like to suggest a historic premium vehicle to WoT. I'd appreciate any help.

Growing up, my father and I were very involved in the Military Vehicle Preservation Association. Basically anyone who's anyone that owns armor in the USA. One of the most influential members, and a friend of the family, was Steve Preston.

Steve owned and restored a BEAUTIFUL Hellcat. This thing ran like a champ, looked brand new, and the main gun was fully functional and registered. He named her Rachel, after his wife. He would bring it out to shows, he did work for museums, living history, documentaries, et cetera.

Steve and my friend Austin were filming for a documentary about the effects of the Hellcat's main gun on recreated German armor of the day. They had a bad round they didn't know about, and the breech exploded, killing both of them instantly. Steve was one of the most passionate people I knew in the historical military vehicle world. He helped educate and ignite interest and passion for military vehicles everywhere he went.

So TL;DR: I'd like to suggest to Wargaming to add an M18 Hellcat named Rachel into the game with a Commander named Steve Preston and a Gunner named Austin Lee in memorial of two great men who helped further this interest and hobby we so much enjoy.

Link to a news article about it for those interested

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/o6lno6/wanting_to_suggest_a_historic_vehicle/

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