Wargaming policy on compromised accounts is not OK

Hi everyone,

so a friend of mine had their account compromised (no 2FA, yeah silly on their part). The saved credit card was used to purchase gifts for a player, who accepted them, and then his password was changed.

He noticed this within a day, went through “forgotten password”, changed it back and contacted WG support to see if they can reverse the gift.

He was given two options, either contact the bank for a charge-back, get money back, but completely lose access to his WoT playing account, or lose the money (€100). There was no appropriate attempt to investigate the payment as fraud, they were just told until either he or the person who accepted the gift pay the gold, both accounts are locked.

My question is – Does the community think this is ok? Either the fraudster will get away with their shit with absolutely no recourse, or the player loses their account, with hundreds of euros, and thousands of hours spent throughout 8 years of playing.

Why was there not even any attempt at investigation to see which IPs the usual activity is from vs. the IP a fraudulent payment was from?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/kvoij8/wargaming_policy_on_compromised_accounts_is_not_ok/

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