Wargaming should remove roles from Ranked battles

I've played above 100 games in ranked and I'm stuck in Division 1. Mainly I'm playing Obj. 140 and Strv. 103B. Also I'm an above average player with 7 T10. But let's talk about the issue:

In ranked battles, it's way easier to play with tanks that have good turret armour and gun depression. With the available map pool, it's almost very easy to play hulldown all the time and take the exp for fulfilling your role. However, in many situations, you can't play your role with less diverse tanks. For example: The Strv. 103B is a sniper TD, which has to do long distance damages to receive the bonus exp. In city maps, it's harder to fulfill this role. I had a lot of matches where I do did 2k damage in close quarters but then you'll see the results players in STBs, SConqs and Krans with less less damage and spotting than you receive a higher rank just because they could fulfill their roles. Another example. You're pushing in with an Obj. 140 from behind and your scout spots those tanks. You do 2.5k damage from 500 meters but the STB who played at the front with 1,7k and no spotting does get a higher rank just because he blocked some damage and took 3 kills with him. In certain cases, this can cost you Chevrons and thus time to grind

My point is, that every tank should be independent from its role since certain situations don't allow you to play your role all the time. If an FV4005 wants to snipe, he should snipe as long as he contributes to the team. Of course, every player should know how to play his tank but good players can mobilize limited tanks and it's unfair that player that don't own these ranked meta tanks in their garage have to suffer from this meta and have to work harder. Seriously, it's sometimes so unawarding to make successful strategies work just to see someone who camps 10 minutes on the same spot receive more exp. I feel also bad for the players that did flip the round for us and yet they weren't properly awarded for their tactics and contribution

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/pquxp6/wargaming_should_remove_roles_from_ranked_battles/

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