Wargaming stole my personal reserves and are sorry that I have issues with this particular game mechanic. :D ?

This has happened to me before, but its first time I've documented. After enabling reserve, some reserves sometimes "Expire" right away:



I submitted this bug to support and that's what they answered:


Customer "Support" didn't even bother to read my ticket, Mr. Anthony Curtis just copy pasted a template answer. That's so irresponsible of him. What If I were reporting location of his missing daughter? (God forbid)

Wow! That situation feels so wrong considering some of these reserves were bought with real money.

This game starts to look as one big scam at this point. WarGaming LLC should be banned from Europe.


ID 130713041: Missing in-game goods

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/mfpphr/wargaming_stole_my_personal_reserves_and_are/

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