Wargaming, stop it

WG please stop your bullshit – i understand when you boost bad players RNG a bit and make fully aimed shots fall to the ground from 100m to make them feel better every now and then. But this is just plain cheating, sorry.



The type 61 had a stock gun and was shooting gold. But that area of the Maus is completely unpenetrable according to tanks.gg

Fair game? I don't think so.

Edit: some people pointed out that tanks.gg does not show HEAT pen reliably. Fine, I take that the Maus CAN be penetrated into those areas. But the fact that a tank can hit the only 2 pixel sized areas from 300 meters in 2 CONSECUTIVE SHOTS is such low probability that this screams rigged RNG. Please keep your rigging to conservative levels, you are going mad with power.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/gwiphw/wargaming_stop_it/

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