Was playing this morning and noticed something…. strange (replay attached)

Basically playing the Warcrime panther on Fjords (working on some missions) I die relatively early, triple tapped by arty (anon and bottom tier while fighting 3 tanks, OF COURSE). Anyway, having accepted my punishment for camping (500+ M12 hit) I start spectating players. I settled on the ISU 152K, hoping to see that BL-10 put to good use. Instead I saw something very strange. The ISU drives across the entire map, to arty. Never engaged anyone nor was he engaged. He reaches theyr cap and kind of hangs out just off of it. He eventually spots one of the arties, and is shot at. He then turns around and drives all the way back towards our cap. Even though we are being capped, he makes as if to turn toward the heavy corner, then proceeds to our cap, where he WATCHES the enemy finish capping us out. He finished the game with 0 shots fired and 1.9 km traveled. Something just seems off about it all. Please see linked replay.


any ideas?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/hdqkwu/was_playing_this_morning_and_noticed_something/

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