Ways the game HAS improved

How about a little positivity to even out the (often warranted) complaining? This is a partial list of bad things that I experienced in Random Battles since I started playing in August 2013, and which have since been fixed:

SCOUT MATCHMAKING for light tanks–removed! Nothing was more frustrating than going up against IS-3s in a Pz 38 nA, even more so as a new player with no grasp of spotting mechanics.

THE T18 TANK DESTROYER–effectively removed! Nigh invulnerable from the front against same-tier opponents and with a gun that could one-shot most of them. I can't imagine why any new player would stay after getting crushed by them game after game.

TYPE 59–nerfed! So legendarily broken on release that it's still a highly desired vehicle despite being eminently balanced nowadays.

SOME BAD MAPS–removed! Severogorsk in particular was one of the worst in the game when WG finally put it out of our misery and removed it for good.

TANK PHYSICS–added! Back in the day, your tracks were kind of locked to the ground and the funny shenanigans you can do today with climbing on top of and flipping other tanks were impossible.

T28/T95 TANK DESTROYERS–buffed! The T95's old speed limit of 13km/h was unbelievably painful and made what is now a powerful and fun vehicle into a desperately team-reliant disaster.

LOW TIER MM–made easier! Tier 2s not seeing tier 4s, and 3s not seeing 5s, makes the early game much more manageable for new players and low tiers much more fun even for old-timers.

LOW TIER HP–buffed! This plus the MM change made low tier gameplay much more forgiving and drastically reduced one-shots from derp guns.

LOW TIER BRITS–improved! The Medium I, II, and III were pure torture to play, but you had to suffer through them to get to the Matilda.

And, of course, there's all the researchable tanks that have been added: all the light tank lines, Waffentrager line, Pz VII branch, Soviet rear turret branch, Soviet double barrel branch, Obj 430 branch, British mobile TD line, French armored heavy branch, French armored car line (depending on how you view it), the whole Czech nation, Japanese heavy line, Chinese TD line, the whole Polish nation, the whole Swedish nation, and the whole Italian nation.

Doubtless I forgot something. Does the game need more improvements? Of course. But it's worth remembering yesteryear's bugaboos that no longer apply.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/qogjqk/ways_the_game_has_improved/

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