(well) deserved reward, my thoughts and opinion

So today is the day we are getting our well deserved rewards . before we start i wanna say dont get me wrong in anyway i love the hellcat for sure that its now back on t7. So i logged in to my account of 8 years of service and was welcomed with the nice looking super hellcat ofc i dumped in a good crew and make sure everything is fit to go whenever the hype is gone and we can play it without having 500 on the battlefield :P. sad thing to see is it only has 30 rounds but capable of doing enough (7,2k) here is the tank in full beauty for you tank lovers (added pics). and after opening the boxes you get and getting around 1m free credits 5 days of prem and a skin for my commander i switched to my other account to recieve the reward on there. that account is been in service for 4 years and i ofc got another hellcat on that account, but then the strange thing showed to me. the diffrents between the 4 years and the 8 years is almost nothing. the only added thing was a skin for the t-50-2 that i already owned … and i was like wait that doesn't seem fair , after taking a closer look to all the rewards you can get i was stumbled how at 4 years you got both the tanks but my mate that started 3 years ago didnt got any of it. here under also the rewards of my 4 year acc and my 8 year acc added. in my opinion there should have been a bit of a different rewards for super long time players, even if it was just some added special camo's or some other stuff. ofc the hellcat is a nice thing but both my 4 years and my 8 years got the same hellcat same skin, to my words a little of a disappointment that wg didnt take the chance to give thier longest time players a little bit more.

ofc this is my opinion and i would like to know what you guys thing about it





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