Well done WG youve killed the game

After 6 years, 35k games, thousands of dollars spent, I can finally say you've broken the camels back. The fact that you are changing equipment, making it so depending on where our equipment is slotted we get a potential bonus, and then charging us to demount is insane.

I have over 240 tanks all with full equipment, and you offer me the chance to earn 49 tanks worth of demount kits (7 daily missions for 7 days each giving 3 demount kits). The fact that you can be so greedy as to not demount all of our equipment for free blows my mind. I have put up with so much bullshit in the game, but this is the last straw. WG is so amazingly incompetent that they have taken what could be an amazing game and killed it by trying to suck every single player dry in every single way they can.

Not even being able to demount camo nets and binos for free will be a massive blow to new and f2p players. Now imagine trying to explain to a new player or a f2p player that they should spend gold to move a rammer from the 2nd slot where they've had it for years to the first slot now because it will give them an additional advantage.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/i1glf8/well_done_wg_youve_killed_the_game/

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