WG, just give us a co-op vs bots mode already and i’ll gladly play that 99% of the time over dealing with randoms

Although the bots in the WTE110 event are pretty easy, the ai could easily be tweaked

WG has proved to us that they can add competent bots to the game and that they have the ability to actually make decent modes for the game

In Warships they have pretty good bots that have laser guided torpedoes and can perfectly calculate the lead trajetory when firing main guns, also they have increased fire chance to make it a fair challenge

In warships you get 50% more exp for random battles over co-op

I'll gladly play against bots at like a massive penalty to exp and/or creddits (33-40%)

I'm just so done sometimes with this game, everytime i have a premium account and feel like grinding things out, it's always stomps, either way. Everytime i activate a 1 hour reserve i feel like alt +f4 after every single loss. This is why i waste so much premium time, just getting absolute garbage games makes me question why i even play anymore and bother trying

It becomes mentally draining, I only ever seem to get half decent games at server reset time.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/j2k485/wg_just_give_us_a_coop_vs_bots_mode_already_and/

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