WG: Please. Do something.

After almost 2 years, today I managed to finish the grind that is the Object 260. I was so happy. An absolute relief.

It wasn't easy for me, a 1500 wn8 overall, 1700 recent player. But with smart use of my tanks, playing for the missions, and using my orders where I lacked in skills, I got it done.

Let me say again, I was really happy. Then, I played it.

I put hardening in the first slot, bond rammer, and bond VSTAB.

First map I get, Abbey. All tier 10, and 3 arty. 3 of them. 1/5th of the game taken up by tanks you never see but can shit on you regardless. Anyway…

First time I get spotted, a T92 arty hits me for 618 damage, and kills two crew. This is 1/4 of my health gone before I have even seen an enemy tank.

I tuck in behind the rocks, and get hit by the other two cunts. My bond VSTAB is now fucking pointless, because I am stunned for the 5 minutes it takes for them to kill me. I may as well have had no equipment mounted.

In this game, I lose 1860 of my 2310hp to artillery. I get to shoot three times. I never saw them, and my only hope to get safe from them, is to put myself in a completely useless position. WG, is this the way you designed the game? You have a responsibility to do something about it. This is not fun, for anybody.

This is before you even take into account that two of those jeffs had less than 45% win rates, but were completely able to out play me by virtue of their dumb fucking class. How is this fair?

What did I work for? Why did I bust my ass for MONTHS to get this bullshit?

I can only imagine how bad it must be for people playing 279e's.

It legitimately has sapped my want to play the game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/mmh5x8/wg_please_do_something/

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