WG support refuses to help resolve an issue with their servers, need some noise to get a community manager’s ear

Hey everyone!

There's a lot of us here that can not play ranked during prime time. Most if not all players in Germany using the #1 ISP there (Deutsche Telekom) get insane packet loss during prime time on EU1. Today I was at 75%. Utterly unplayable.
EU2 and 3 are fine, but ranked and some other things are only on EU1.

But WG support refuses to help. They've been provided with traces by multiple players. Irrefutable proof that traffic gets lost on its way to EU1 and only there. I have tried my best to get them to do something. I have talked with the ISP and they're open to get this sorted out and provided a contact form, but WG's reply, between random silly copy pasted stuff, is as follows:

Please take note that we are unable to contact your Internet Service Provider since that is out of our scope.

Aka "go away we won't help you".

This can not be corrected without both parties cooperating, yet WG support refuses to contact those in the company responsible.

So now I need your help. Everyone who reads this. Please, give me and everyone else affected some visibility. These peering issues always end up in random fingerpointing, because no one is willing to do the first step. I've got a contact form for WG right here so they can get it sorted, they just need to fill the thing out and start talking to the other side.

So please, everyone, give me your strength.
Thank you

Lastly, some reading material:
WoT forum thread complaining about lags on EU1:
Deutsche Telekom forum thread complaining about lags on EU1:

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/jjb7xx/wg_support_refuses_to_help_resolve_an_issue_with/

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