WG’s new development method?

So a lot of my speculations are based on the video released on the upcoming double barreled vehicles.

I would like to share my concern about the development of the game regarding new content.

We all remember the “weelies” and how unpopular that new mechanic was. Now I would like to focus on how WG tried to introduce those vehicles. Some of you will remember the boost mechanic they were intended to get. To me it seems WG didn’t really care about the balancing of the vehicles, but rather about how the perception of the playerbase would be. The result are overtuned vehicles that changed the game noticeably. How simple would it have been to make wheeled tanks niche by limiting their offroad ability or some form of accuracy penalty for high speeds. Instead WG made them arguably better then most light tanks.

This brings me to the new double barreled tanks. In their video it became obvious to me how WG is trying to convince the audience these tanks are not going to be too strong. Hinting that the double shot ability is basically unusable or very niche at best. To me it seems WG is worried about another flop and are very cautious to create controversial content.

Did anyone else notice this? Let me know what you think!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dameve/wgs_new_development_method/

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