What am I supposed to do as a scout on El Halluf?

I pretty regularly see el Halluf rated as a decent scout map, but I don't think I've ever felt useful in the slightest on the map. I feel like the two options are sitting up high on the left side and hoping they have people shooting from dumb positions that get spotted when they fire, or going into the middle.

The problem I've always had going into the middle is again, there's nothing to do. If there are enemy scouts you can't really move from whichever hill you've decided to set up at, so you just sit there and hope your TDs are less stupid than their TDs, at at least more lucky. I'm even more at a loss for what to do when, as it seems is always my luck, the enemy team gets for example 3 bourrasques to our none in a tier 8 game and it's just completely impossible to even context the middle.

It seems like what always happens is I sit there and do nothing, and then half the time I get overrun and there's nothing I can do and it's impossible to get out. Or I hang back, do nothing, and hope the enemy team gets bored and literally drives across the kill field. Either way, I don't have any influence on the main brawl and can't even provide second line support if we're losing like I could in a med.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/p08aog/what_am_i_supposed_to_do_as_a_scout_on_el_halluf/

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