What are all of your thoughts on the current T110E5? (Please explain answers)

While it was buffed not too long ago, I personally still feel like something's lacking, the S. Conq still has better DPM (even if only a little bit), and all of the other stats except for mobility are better too. So I was wondering, do you think it could still use another small buff or is it fine as is?

Personally, I feel it could've gotten more mobility, a 45km/h top speed seems reasonable as it's on par with the Renegade, and it makes sense to me especially as this tank doesn't have access to the extra 4km/h field modification. It just feels slow for how little armour you have compared to the S. Conq, although an additional gun depression buff doesn't seem harmful either, the cupola would balance it, but you'd have more flexibility with hiding it using objects…

That's not to say the armour is bad, only situational, if you can hide your cupola you'll be fine, but otherwise it gets penned all the time.

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