What are the equipment in Equipment 2.0?

Jamming Device | -2s/(-4s) to duration spotted | VII – X LTs TD

The jamming device will be incredibly useful for high RoF lights and TDs. Instead of having to wait for 10s to get unspotted, you only have to wait for 6 seconds, massive increasing your effective DPM.

You will have to give up either rammer, vert stab, or optics for this, which is a big sacrifice so the standard setup is probably still better for most players on the majority of vehicles. However, I feel the jamming device could replace the vertical stabilizer on tanks with good dispersion values like the LT-432, T-100LT, and EBRs.

For tanks with high base VR like the HWK 30 and Flipwagen, you can potentially drop optics since since you can still achieve 460 VR on a tank with 410 base VR without optics.

IMO I think the jamming device could be overpowered on some high RoF TDs and LTs.

Turbocharger | +10%/(+15%) to engine power | All tier II – X

This is a no-brainer for heavies and TDs that can't reach their top speed on flat ground. A 15% booster to Turbocharger should probably become standard on IS-7, SU-130PM,

If you have a IS-7, SU-130PM, Kranvagn, Emil, Tiger II, Obj 257, or STG, consider dropping optics/GLD/vents for turbocharger.

Improved Aiming Unit | -5%/(-9%) to aiming circle | All tier II – X

Currently tanks like the T-100LT, Bourrasque, and 268 V4 with like 0.1/0.1/0.08 dispersion values, but terrible base accuracy don't benefit very much from the vertical stabilizer, but they will massively benefit from better base accuracy.

Improved Aiming Unit should become a standard piece of equipment on the T-100LT, derp guns, all wheelies, low accuracy TDs, Bobject line, Bourrasque,

This is HUGE buff to low accuracy TDs that had to use a GLD since TDs cant have v-stabs. TS-5 base accuracy goes from 0.44 to 0.4 with 1.8 aimtime. Bobject line and the FVs get a big buff as well.

And yea … enjoy laser Conq GCs

Improved Hardening | +5%/(+10%) to hit points| All tier VIII – X TD, MT, HT

Should replace vents on superheavies.

Improved Consumables | -30s/(-50s) to consumable recharge time| All tier V – X

-50% on consumable recharge seems too good. Imagine almost never having to play with a injured crew member or damage ammorack, as well has the ability to unstun yourself twice as often. A must-have on slow TDs and heavies. Superheavy spall liner doesn't seem to very useful anymore.

Other Thoughts

I think these are the 5 pieces of new equipment worth considering. I don't think anything else is that good considering the equipment we currently have will also get buffed.

Experimental Powder, Commander's Vision System, and Panoramic Triplex look interesting, but I double that they are better than the +11.5% VR the new optics have.

EGLD is still garbage. I wish they buffed it to be 15% or even 20% reduction in aimtime.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/gt63do/what_are_the_equipment_in_equipment_20/

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