What do you like about Tier X heavy tank gameplay?

I have the WZ-111-5a, T57 Heavy, 113. I've tried to play them and figure out what's enjoyable about heavy tank gameplay…and I can't figure it out. It seems to be a monotonous playstyle of peeking and pulling back into cover, aiming at weakspots, loading gold to cost you a fortune and nullifying any armor angling tactics, inability to flank during a hull-down stalemate, low ability to snipe enemies that are pushing out of position, terrible camouflage, much worse gun handling and mobility than medium tanks, no need for much map awareness because you can't relocate anyways…there's just basically so little I find enjoyable. Sure it's kind of fun to brawl in the city and fight the corners and get your close-quarters timing perfect, but that rarely happens. Usually it's just a hull-down fest and you wait for the rare mistake. And if the enemy is good and doesn't make mistakes and the tanks are evenly matched, oh man nothing is going to happen. Oh, and the artillery…artillery just feasts and puts a timer on your life for no reason.

I own a Tier 8 Defender as well, and that's perfectly fine to play since the novelty of hard-bullying lower tier tanks doesn't really wear off. But this doesn't really exist in Tier X given the frequency of all Tier X games.

What is it about Tier X heavy tank gameplay that you like?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/llxdo2/what_do_you_like_about_tier_x_heavy_tank_gameplay/

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