What enemy tanks can you encounter in Road to Berlin?

I know WG isn’t really 100% historically accurate in this mode, but I’m a bit curious on what tanks the enemy uses for Road to Berlin. Even if there’s maybe a few days left until this event goes away, some tanks are a bit “authentic” to use during the Battle of Berlin (& before/after).

For the player tanks, I do know some certainly were not used for the Battle of Berlin, like the Pershing variant, or some of the British/American tanks, so that’s something to consider.

But for the enemy tanks, what I can piece together was:

Low tiers are:

  • Panzer IV regular & elite, usually spotting a 7,5cm gun, or spamming HE using the 10,5cm howitzer.

  • Wespe or Grille SPG (not sure which?)

  • Panther tank.

  • I think maybe the StuG III (? Maybe) or the Jagdpanther as TDs.

  • Tiger I.

Mid tiers are:

  • Panzer IV elite only.

  • Grille or possibly Hummel as the SPG.

  • Panther (mostly elite, but some regular ones too).

  • Jagdpanther and perhaps a few Ferdinands as the TDs. Rare chance you’ll see a Jagdtiger, mostly blocking off a corridor or defending an open pass.

  • Tiger I elites, and the Tiger II (regular) as heavies.

High tiers (III) for the last stages of the battle may be;

  • Panther (mostly elites) for the mediums.

  • Hummel for SPG.

  • A lot of Tiger II elites (and a few regular) for heavies.

  • Plenty of Ferdinands as TDs , and I’d want to think they’ve used the JpantherII, but it’s not historically accurate. I do know for certain there’s usually at least one Jagdtiger in this round. Fortunately there’s no Jagdpanzer E100s here (again, unhistorical, but it may be overkill).

  • Good % you’ll see a Maus tank (some cases it won’t be one of the 3 commanders in R5). Again, not historical either (good it’s not the E100), but you do need a stronk final boss, so… 🤷🏼‍♂️

Is there anything I’m missing? Is there a “master list” WG wrote together of the tanks you’ll expect to see (even if this event is in the midway point)? Does anyone else care about this (& the seemingly accurate AI & deadlier than ever arty)?

Hope to hear from you!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ghe2g9/what_enemy_tanks_can_you_encounter_in_road_to/

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