What I hope from WoT in 2021

Happy New Year everyone!
I wanted to share my hopes for the game in 2021, I am also eager to hear your views on my points as well 😉

1) Nerf the wheelies further (EBRs) Despite a step in the right direction, they are still not right in my humble opinion, having more downforce as an F1 car and being able to turn at ridiculous angles without losing any speed is completely stupid.

2) HE-Rework. HE, especially with some big derp guns is making armor useless since you will almost always deal a reasonable amount of damage without the need to aim properly for a weak spot. I am aware that WG announced a rework, so hopefully they will make some positive changes, keep HE useful, but also discourage the HE spam. Though this could also be done by nerfing some tanks that have perfect turrets with 0 weakspots, so that you can damage them with AP

3) Rebalancing on some big stinkers in the tech trees: For example the AMX M4 45 and 65t are in my view completely useless tanks, so hopefully they will get some buffs, also some of the French TDs could use some love. Also nerfing some tanks like the 430U (the cupolas still have 270mm of effective armor) wouldn't do wrong. Also I believe that the STB-1 was overbuffed so a little nerf to it wouldn't harm, but this is just my view.

4) Artillery. Despite WG announcing a major rework I would still like to see a further limit of arty down to 2 per team, 3 per team are still too much especially in the 3 tier battles, when you are top tier on a somewhat open map, you can expect all 3 arties shooting at you.

5) A little physics rework, tanks are filled with helium it seems and they are very easy to flip at times, so addressing this would benefit everyone in my opinion

6) Maybe, just maybe, even if this is never going to happen, nerfs on some overpowered premiums like Progetto, Bourrasque, Defender, LT-432, EBR, 703 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/kofhxr/what_i_hope_from_wot_in_2021/

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