What if Rheinmetal Panzerwagen was given an autoreloading system?

The German light tank branch is the worst one in the tech tree, because it features very unremarkable vehicles. So, in order to make them somewhat fun and/or competitive, I would suggest giving them autoreloading guns.

  • Starting at tier VII, the SP I C will have a 2 shot autoreloader and 220 average damage per shot;

  • HWK 12 will have 3 shots with 240 damage each;

  • RU 251 will have 3 shots and 280 damage per shot;

  • And finally, the Rheinmetal Panzerwagen will also have 3 shots, but with 320 damage this time.

I heard the tier VII light tank here used to have an autoloader, so it would be cool to bring that feature back in an updated form. Also, I upscaled the RU 251's alpha damage, other tanks retained their original parameters.

Now, instead of being completely handicapped, the German light tanks would have a special little feature, making them unique. In my opinion, these changes would reshape the play style of these vehicles for the better. Feel free to discuss this topic.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ky9fsd/what_if_rheinmetal_panzerwagen_was_given_an/

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