Hi fellow tankers,
Sorry for that quite harsh title, but I'm just SPEECHLESS after what happened.
Here's the story:
My brother is a little bit behind with grinding battlepass, and he wanted to grind some points on Steelhunter. He's really good at it. Like. Really. He can consistently get 1st places with high dmg like 20k.

So he was happily grinding points
(documentary footage)

One match he experienced one of this microfreezes, where game disconnects you from server even though your internet connection is perfectly fine.
It happened during fight with enemy Wareg.
When the other player noticed he got DC'ed. He spared him as a form of chivalry.

So that was his biggest mistake in his entire wot career (we will get there)

After my brother reconnected he decided to let this Wareg win. Match continued, my bro was able to score 9 kills and 16k dmg. Last two players was him and the Wareg he met during DC.
He decided to give him that win for his friendly attitude and drove into the fog. He died and got second place.

Two days later he tries to log in and here's the message he got:
Your account has been blocked till 19th May. Reason: Unsportsmanlike conduct – Steelhunter

My reaction?

This is beyond stupid. We let wg earn sweet money by buying premium tanks and premium account time and then they pull of something like this?

This is insane, change my mind.


My brother recieved 4 day ban for appreciating the player who was honourable enough not to kill him once he got disconnected because of Wg's crappy client and letting him win in the end by driving into red zone. Getting second place this way.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ndymjc/what_in_the_actual_f/

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