What, in the last ~4 years, has happened to T10? (EU)

I left the game for around 4 years, and having come back and played for the last few months during lock down, have noticed quite a few changes.

Mostly positive, but my gripe is with T10. Why is what used to be my favourite tier absolute trash now? I see a lot of people pointing fingers at EBR and unbalanced RU heavies and mediums, but honestly I don't see that as what's causing it. The players at T10 are somehow worse than other tiers, I see more considered game-play and intelligent approaches at low tiers than 10 now.

Teams seems to just yolo into each other and die so fast, people don't try and play key map points any more and just rush seemingly at random.

I also see games in favour of a team winning get thrown because everyone seems to get hungry to farm the damage when they think it's won, but doing it dumb ways.

I just don't get what's happened to the Tier? Are people just trying to smash out games ASAP to try and get bonds or what?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/hde3ud/what_in_the_last_4_years_has_happened_to_t10_eu/

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